Monday, May 31, 2010

if you think this is bad, you should the the other guy...

to all my loyal tweeters... I spy a stye on the upper AND lower lid of my eye... Great, like one wasn't enough. So my eye is a bit swollen no big deal right? Until you wake up one morning and you look like somebody just punched you in the face. Doc says it's a stye. SO I fill a prescription started the meds, and the next day I noticed the blood. No problem, just your everyday average bleeding eye. So I go back to the Doc, and she insists its normal for an eye to start hemorrhaging. Somehow, I didn't find that very reassuring. Oh well. Anyways here are the pics to prove it as well as a few other recent ones. BBQing is SO gangster. Yeah, and props to my homegirl 'Pril, reppin her hood, and thowin' em UP. These two are what you would call G'd up, from the feet up. 'nuf said, peace out.

Saturday, May 08, 2010

demo reel 2010

hey everybody:) it's been awhile and this is the reason why:) it is the second incarnation of my demo reel. hope you like it and thanks for stopping by.