Saturday, April 16, 2011

feeling romantic?

A high end, french, custom perfume shop concept for NDIA. Part of a batch of renderings i am working on for Smart Design Group. It is an amazing collaborative process with the interior designer to get the finishes, furniture and merchandise etc. they have in mind. From a floor plan, a line drawing is created and the finishes are applied. From there,a constant dialogue is continued through progress, and appropriate changes will be made until the vision is achieved.

This is the end result :)

Design by Jonathan.
Merch by Buds.
Finishes, Mapping and lighting by yours truly!

Thursday, April 07, 2011

this is rich....

Loathe as I was to pay my ticket, I bitterly logged onto the City of Vancouver's website to pay electronically. When I got to the site I quickly found the link I was looking for. Lucky for me, it was easy to find under the " popular links " section of the website. How convenient.