Saturday, December 11, 2010

My Autobiography :P

A friend did a very clever piece of writing and I thought I would put it here to share. It's a worthwhile read as are many of her other musings that can be found at Check it out!

Eric was born…long, long ago, far, far away…in another galaxy, know here on planet Earth as Quebec, in the quaint city of St. Eustache, just outside Montreal – and if you are French you drop the ‘t’!

Always an adventurer, Eric moved with his obliging family, at the ripe age of five, out West, were the grass is greener, opportunity does knock and Montreal is said with the ‘t’ clearly audible!

Eric’s earlier years, out West, found him swinging a golf club and riding his bike in summer and when winter got too cold for golf Eric could be found with his hair blowing in the wind as he slalomed down the local mountains and right into the nearest ice rink where he’d lace up and play hockey. While participation at times is now limited to cheering for the Canucks, Eric still makes time to get out and enjoy the great West Coast lifestyle.

A Looney Tunes nut in the 80’s and deep in the clutches of Disney’s hold in the 90’s, it was clear to Eric, between art classes by day and cartooning at night, he was destined to work hunched over a desk, imagination wheels churning while smoke poured out of his ears! Animation was calling his name!

The call came in the guise of an ad placed strategically in the local TV Guide magazine by Walt Disney Vancouver at a time when Eric was diligently tidying up his Grade 12 year in Academia.

After applying to the ad Eric was floored when, after a short while, a big envelope from Walt Disney Vancouver arrived on his doorstep. His potential had been noted and he had been advised to seek further training…and so his journey continued.

As with any epic journey, Eric experienced some delays and roadblocks on route to Capilano University for his much needed ‘further training’. This pause allowed him to hone his people skills and his sales skills and become the Top Representative for Telus Mobility in 2001. Then he went on to try his hand in the world of finance getting his Mutual Funds License in 2004 – all the while realizing his true passion for keeping his hands busy was still off in the distance, he then realized he needed to pursue his true calling, without further delay.

Then it happened…not so long, long ago, but far, far away at Capilano University, in North Vancouver, Eric found himself hunched over a desk, imagination wheels churning while smoke poured out of his ears – he was answering the call of Animation!

This epic journey is almost complete; the next step is for Eric to be working for a studio that values integrity, hard work, commitment, dedication, loyalty, drive and stamina, and above all the driving passion which lies in the heart of every truly great animator – the passion to create!

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

The New Demo Reel

Hey Y'all!

After months of blood sweat and tears :P, here is the latest demo reel!

I used Softimage and Maya for the animation. I wanted to show the characters thought leading to action, and hopefully make big strides in the quality of the animation. I have embraced the graph editor! If you don't know what a graph editor is, just nod and smile.

I am also (with a bit of help from Tweakfox at updating the website so watch for updates there as well! You can get there from the link at the upper right corner of this page or by simply going to!

Hope you like it!